That's a tricky question I easily could bring to a philosopical level, but I'll assume that's not what you're here for, so I'll keep it simple.


I'm Josefin Bomark, friends call me Bo for short.

I'd define myself as a 2D-artist and animator, quite the generalist really, enjoying most things.


It was in Sweden, the year of 1998 I took my first breath, and I've been breathing every day since. In conceqvence I've been able to doodle on most papers in my near range, play a range of different games, including obscure point and click games and fast-pased FPS-es, memorise 2 hour long musicals from start to finish and acting them out on my own in my kitchen and 20 years of various other fun experiences.



In senior high school I started having classes in Game Graphics, learning how to model and animate in Maya. 


Currently I'm a 2D-Graphics student at Futuregames. A vocational school for developing games. Right now I'm spending my internship as a concept artist at Isbit Games.





070 964 99 88


If you want to reach me simply email, call or hit me up on any of my social medias: